House System

Every student who comes to Putteridge High School is a valued member of the school community.  We welcome the wide and varied contributions that each girl and boy can make to the life of the School.

We place an emphasis on developing teamwork skills and helping students to build lasting friendships.

Each student belongs to a form group with students from different year groups.  This is known as a vertical tutor system.  This enables a strong community spirit to develop, as older students act as mentors to younger students.

There are four Houses and each form group belongs to one of the Houses.  Each House forms a small community of its own led by a team of form tutors, a full time Pastoral Leader and a Head of House. Through this arrangement every young person is known individually and their needs at Putteridge High School can be supported.

You can view more information about the houses by clicking on them below:

Blue House  Green House  Red House Yellow House