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Dance at Putteridge High School allows students to develop First CLASS skills and knowledge to increase their cultural capital and appreciation of dance works, academic approach to dance through performance and choreography to view dance as a form of art and vocational skills required to study, develop, create and perform movement.

The Dance curriculum and Putteridge High School allows students to explore their creativity in a safe environment, connecting with peers to produce movements to be proud of furthering our community and reinforcing their place in the world as global citizens. Students learn the substantive knowledge of dance components before applying this to choreography tasks where disciplinary knowledge is developed.

The students develop an understanding of how to generate creative and skilled ideas for choreography through exploration and experimentation, building on from examples shown by the teacher and professional performances that use the works of choreographers from rich cultural heritage and people of colour to enable their voices to be heard and to celebrate culture.

Students learn how to effectively communicate choreographic intentions through strong performances and evaluate dances using constructive and proactive feedback to enable the underpinning of explicit teaching of a rich, varied and technical vocabulary throughout our structured and sequenced curriculum.

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