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Modern Foreign Languages

Department Intent: 

At Putteridge High School, in our increasingly global society, we aspire to expose our pupils to a broad and ambitious Languages curriculum, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively. The latter develops curiosity and promotes diversity and tolerance of other cultures whilst creating opportunities  beyond the classroom and improving the life chances of our students. We believe that language learning is much more than simply studying the language itself; all year groups are not only exposed to the target language but also intercultural understanding that comes from  learning a new language. Studying languages through speaking, listening, reading and writing, students will be able to see the benefits of travelling the world, ensuring that they have the necessary communication skills to experience a diverse range of the many different perspectives and achievements that come from Francophone countries.

Key Stage 3

Exam board name: AQA

Paper 1: Listening

Paper 2: Speaking

Paper 3: Reading 

Paper 4: Writing

Exam board website: https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/languages/gcse/french-8658

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