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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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As Hans Christian Anderson once said, ‘Where words fail, music speaks."

Often described as a ‘universal language’, we believe music is such an important form of communication and expression.

Music is an essential part of life at Putteridge High School and is an integral part of cultures and beliefs across the globe. Our diverse curriculum and extra-curricular programme, reflect the diversity of our local community and throughout the world, giving our students the opportunity to discover a wide range of new music.

Within our ambitious curriculum, students will create and perform music, developing their knowledge of a wide range of styles and genres. A strong focus on creativity unlocks their curiosity about the music they listen to, giving ideas to be used and developed in their own music. Students will focus their performing on an instrument they have chosen, giving them the best opportunity to make significant progress, while developing independent and collaborative working skills. Regular performance opportunities help to develop confidence and perseverance. Students develop their musical literacy through focused listening tasks in each lesson, broadening their musical experience through exposure to a wide range of musical styles, genres and traditions.

Our developing extra-curricular offer includes bands, choirs and opportunities to develop music technology skills. Students have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments in individual and group lesson with our team of visiting instrumental teachers.

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