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Physical Education

Within the PE department at PHS we have 3 strands to how our students develop through the years as a PE student. Our 3 big ideas allow students to focus on the 3 main areas of health: physical, mental and social well-being

Within the first strand of our PE curriculum, Physical Health we encourage all students to take an active part in all lessons. Our curriculum is tailored to suit individuals of all abilities and needs to fully explore the physical side of our lessons in PE. Furthermore students have access and opportunities to develop rapid progress in all sports by mastering key techniques and skills within a range of both individual and team sports. We encourage all of our students to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle through maximum participation within our subject in both KS3 and KS4 PE.

Mental Health is another CORE element that we wish to instil within our students. Members of the PE department seek to inspire their students through gaining a love and passion for the subject both in and out of the classroom. Our PE curriculum is a fantastic way for students to manage stress and anxiety, particularly within KS4 where PE lessons can become a great way of relieving stress and anxiety around the exam seasons. Managing emotions and dealing with pressure situations can often be developed within PE lessons which is a FIRST CLASS characteristic that we wish our students can take with them throughout their time at Putteridge and beyond.

The third strand of the PE curriculum intent focuses on students’ Social Health. Many PE lessons throughout the year within our curriculum links to playing and competing in a team environment. Through this, students have the opportunity to develop both their teamwork and leadership skills. All students are also encouraged within this area of the curriculum intent to learn respect, tolerance and empathy for themselves, peers and officials to develop a FIRST CLASS character.

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Exam Board and Revision Guides

Exam board name: AQA

Paper 1:  The human body and movement within sport and paper  

Paper 2: Sociocultural influences within sport

Paper 3: Modern depth study 

AQA Exam Board Website

GCSE PE AQA Revision Guide 

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